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tumblr, this is really important.


you have probably heard of a corner of the internet called reddit. you  may even go there sometimes.

what you may not know is that STAN LEE is going to be online today at 12:30 EST answering questions from fans 


he is doing something called an AMA (ask me anything). many celebs and interesting people do these all the time (joss whedon did one, you can read it here)

why should you care? it’ll be a great read. these answers are straight from the man himself. also, if you are feeling lucky, create an account and ask him something yourself. he’s going to get a billion questions, but it’s worth a shot.

so yeah. go here at 12:30. the thread does not yet exist, but it will quickly be voted to the top of the page. 

also, please signal boost the fuck out of this, because most of tumblr is unaware this is happening. 

that is all.


Finally sucked it up and submitted my entry to Project Rooftop’s Fantastic Four redesign contest!  I love superhero teams, especially ones who spend a lot of their time sciencing, so this was fun.

I decided to go with a midcentury-inspired/sci-fi look for their uniforms- not the most drastic change, of course, but I wanted something sleek that played around with the 4 iconography a bit more than usual.  I Also took the bodysuit-as-wearable-computer concept a bit more literally with the optional retinal HUD, and made Ben a bit of a beefcake.  Because why the hell not

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